Receiving ECFA Awards with pride

During the ECFA Award ceremony in Berlin, producers of all three award winning films were present and addressed the crowd with words of appreciation…





Winner of the ECFA Short Award: FRUITS OF CLOUDS
Czech Producers Dagmar Sedlackova & Julia Zackova stated that “we believe that by embracing and empowering children through film making, one day we’ll all be living in a better world.

Winner of the ECFA Doc Award: LENNO & THE ANGELFISH
Dutch producers Nienke Korthof & Willem Baptist from Tangerine Tree Productions came with a speech on behalf of director Shamira Raphaëla: “We dedicate this award to all little boys who, like Lenno, are struggling to find their place in this world and to all the men who once were boys like Lenno, growing up to become outcasts, the misunderstood. It’s our obligation as a society to support those who get lost on their path through life, as we are all worthy of love. We are proud that the jury recognises the importance of those stories that teach us about strength, perseverance, and passion.

Winner of the ECFA Award: SUPA MODO
Producer Sarika Hemi Lakhani for One Fine Day Films: “One Fine Day is like a mini film school to train African filmmakers. Over the course of 10 years, the two children’s films that we produced appeared to be our most successful titles: SOUL BOY and SUPA MODO. We’re interested in stories that otherwise never would be told, with SUPA MODO as perfect example. We premiered one year ago in the Berlinale and what has been proved ever since, is that the film touches audiences worldwide and opens windows to a world that most of us have never seen before. Thanks a lot for giving our film this extraordinary proof of universal recognition.