PackMagic presents Kinosaure, lover of tales

Kinosaure invites families with young children (approx. 2-5 years old) to the cinema and enables audiences to interact with audio-visual content and to participate in dynamic, creative activities. Kinosaure encourages curiosity and the joy of cinema from a very young age.


(based on the Open Mic session at the ECFA AGM 2020)

Alfred Sesma Siuraneta (PackMagic, Barcelona): “We transform the movie theatre into a place designed for children: the length and content of the films, the lighting and ambient sounds… We invite children to enter the world of Kinosaure, a special giant animal, curious, traveller and lover of tales. Kinosaure’s storytelling defines the content, space and personality of the characters, thus inviting children to discover the basics of cinema and big screen magic. Families are actively involved in the presentation, and the movie theatre becomes a transformative space for socialising.

Kinosaure aims to solve a double challenge: on one hand is the decline of the family habit of going to the cinema together, and on the other is a limited access to quality children’s content. The project addresses families with young children that value a qualitative cultural offer and might have difficulties getting access to alternative cinema content, especially outside the big cities. It also addresses exhibitors facing the challenge to extend their audience and cultural agents developing promotion strategies.


PackMagic sees countless ways in which the Kinosaure formula can prove itself useful.

– To increase the cultural offer for children & family audiences

– To increase the number of cinemas committed to regularly screen quality children’s and family content

– To increase the audience in Catalonian cinema theatres

– To strengthen social ties between communities, families and children

– To enrich children’s imagination

– To increase a critical and creative approach towards the audio-visual language

– To improve a healthy and responsible audio-visual media consumption

– To stimulate co-education.


Kinosaure is organised by PackMagic (Barcelona):;