New faces, Familiar people on the ECFA Board

Every new composition of the ECFA Board brings new focus points on the table, with every new President comes new energy. With three new board members and Pantelis Panteloglou as the new ECFA President, the ECFA Board recently saw a drastic make-over.




Pantelis Panteloglou, Deputy Artistic Director of the Olympia Int’l Film Festival in Pyrgos, Greece, brings with him the thorough expertise of a festival organiser, combined with the hospitable international approach of the Olympia Festival that he represents.

Together with him, three new faces are joining the ECFA Board:

– Janne Vierth (Sweden), representing the Swedish Film Institute

– Gudrun Sommer (Germany), representing the DOXS RUHR festival

– Nora Lakos (Hungary), representing the Cinemira Festival.


ECFA has a hard time saying goodbye to a generation of ultimately devoted board members, and is happy to keep them on board in different roles. Edita Bilaver will remain one of the driving forces behind ECFA’s Academic Committee, Elisa Giovannelli will host this year’s Workshop Warehouse, and former President Margret Albers will join the team as Administrator. We thank them all dearly for the years that have been and for the years to come.