New ECFA member: Thessaloniki Film Festival

Thessaloniki Film Festival (TFF), the largest film institution in Greece, has been a vigorous space for innovation, creation and participation for people of all ages in love with cinema, for almost six decades. TFF recently joined ECFA and shares the aim to further promote quality films for children and young people, passing on their passion for cinema, while being in the loop of an international network of film professionals.

Cinema Museum

TFF expands in three main directions: the prominent Thessaloniki Int. Film Festival (November), the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (March) as well as a rich annual activity that features first-run films, tributes and cinema events, the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum, the Cinematheque and the Film Library. TFF’s mission is “inter alia”, to promote quality film culture all year long, actively support new filmmakers via its well-established Industry section and propose out of the box events.

Open air screenings

One of TFF’s important goals is to attract a younger audience and prepare a future generation of filmgoers. This aim is successfully fulfilled through TFF’s interactive educational programs with an annual participation of 27,000 young people; the programs familiarise them with film language and culture via various workshops and activities, while offering alternative tools to educators. Moreover, every Sunday TFF showcases the ‘Kids Love Cinema’ screenings, as well as the sections “Youth Screen” and “Docs for Kids” (part of the annual TIFF and TDF editions) presenting the best titles for young audiences and promoting important universal ideals and messages. This edition, celebrating 20 years since the main theatre, the historic Olympion, became part of the organisation, TIFF offers year-round free admission to the theatres to all 20 year old spectators.

We invite you to join us in this challenging cinematic journey.
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