New ECFA Member: Čakovec Cultural Centre

The Cultural Centre in the city of Čakovec (Croatia), member of ECFA, devotes special attention to the art of cinema. Their ‘Cinema for the Young’ programme addresses high school students and teachers with European films.
Through film introductions, analysis, workshops and discussions, young people get encouraged to debate common and less common themes. For this year’s programme (2016-17) a daring selection was presented including titles such as JAMAIS CONTENTE (Emilie Deleuze), MUSTANG (Deniz Gamze Ergüven), KEEPER (Guillaume Senez) and WEB JUNKIE (Hilla Medalia & Shosh Shlam).

In March the Cultural Centre celebrated its 5th International Children’s Film Showcase, a programme of European young audience films, in order to arouse interest for national and European cinema. In an age when students develop critical skills to evaluate audio-visual culture, films are presented with introductions and workshops. Among the 8 titles on this year’s programme were SIV SLEEPS ASTRAY (Catti Edfeldt & Lena Hanno Clyne), THE NEW ONE (Rudi Rosenberg) and CHILDREN OF TRANSITION (Matija Vukšić).
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