New artistic director at Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne

In June 2017 former ECFA President Céline Ravenel left her position as Ciné-Jeune’s artistic director. Now we proudly present… Axelle Munich, the new face of Ciné-Jeune.

Axelle has spent four years working in/programming cinemas in France. Now she’s ready to broaden her festival experience, organising the Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne Festival, and other regular and unique regional projects. Axelle Munich: “We’re trying to further develop educational devices like ‘Ecole et cinéma’ and ‘Collège au cinéma’, and establish partnerships with schools or cultural centres. We also took up an Erasmus+ project, to be developed over the next months.”

Axelle Munich
Axelle Munich will soon take her place under the spotlight, presenting the next edition of the Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne Festival. This event travels over the course of one month (March 27-April 29th), from the city of Laon to Guise, docking in six other cities in the department of Aisne. More than 80 movies, shorts and features will be screened. The focus of the festival will be in Guise, where (first week of April holidays) the ECFA jury will be welcomed for the competition programme.

Numerous events will offer festival guests a window on the cinema of today, and on the creators behind it. With six titles in competition, ‘cinépsy’ sessions, a ‘ciné-soup’ event, the children’s day and a series of workshops, the programme looks pretty packed. Munich: “We are ready to welcome several French film professionals and make them meet with our audience. Alexis Ducord, co-director of ZOMBILLENIUM presents a masterclass; Amélie van Elmbt is showing her movie DRÔLE DE PERE in preview, together with the young actor’s coach Perrine Bigot; composer Jean-Carl Feldis leads a session on movie sound effects; Alexandre Noyer comes with his ‘pins’ screen’ to introduce this original technique, etc… We’re all very excited about the upcoming festival and about meeting our audiences!”