LUCE AND THE ROCK roll over Mo & Friese

Mo & Friese stands for short film. All genres, all forms, all ages! One of those short films is LUCE AND THE ROCK, a remarkably absurd and moving story by Britt Raes (Belgium).



Each year at the beginning of June, Mo & Friese (as a section of the Hamburg Short Film Agency) presents nine international competition programmes, with short films that meet their target group at eye level and take their personal viewpoint seriously.


In LUCE AND THE ROCK, one morning, a large stone creature lies in the middle of the village. The inhabitants feel disturbed, but Luce finds a solution. Quoting the jury: “A ground-breaking visual and empathetic masterpiece. From the opening scene, the director’s decision to reduce the animation to clear colours and shapes is evident in the minimalist depiction of the strong, circular community. And it is this bold, playfully graphic style that drives the narrative. The story that emerges feels feminine and warm, and is a good example of how a community can benefit and grow from taking its cue from its children.

The ECFA Jury were Hilde Steenssens (Belgium), Clara Pelegrin Mas (Spain), and Monica Koshka-Stein (Germany).