Loupiote goes Marrakech

Belgian ECFA member Loupiote was recently invited to the 3rd “Very Short Film Festival” in Marrakech, Morocco, not only to present a short film and to be on the jury, but also to do a workshop with Moroccan school children.


Loupiote is active in the field of media education: organising short film screenings with discussion sessions, running a CineClub (outside the school environment) and setting out to make short films with kids. Such as the film made in a school for children with hearing aids, with most of the dialogue in sign language. IN YOUR WORLD (original title: DANS TON MONDE) opened the festival in Marrakech. (Watch the film here.)

On that occasion, Christophe Istace did a three hour workshop in a local school. “This session at the same time was a demonstration to inspire local teachers. More than a workshop or a film, we offered them a method,” say Christophe Istace and Véronique Dahout.

The topic of the film was ‘drinking water shortage’. “We started with discussions and improvisation, and one camera filming, to get them used to our presence. Then we went out to actually shoot the film. We work very fast: we edit during the filming, recording the acting sentence by sentence, constantly involving the moving camera into the dialogues and the action.”

Afterwards the topic of filmmaking was endlessly debated with the local youngsters. “What we do in three hours is no more than an exercise. Then we need to explain that for real filmmaking, a lot more time, efforts and patience are needed.”


More info: www.loupiote.be or contact christophe@loupiote.be.