LAST FILM SHOW scores at Cinema in Sneakers

In the 10th jubilee edition of the Cinema in Sneakers festival, held in a hybrid form in Warsaw, the ECFA Award went to LAST FILM SHOW (Pan Nalin), a story set in India but made as an Indian-French co-production.


When the magic of movies conquers nine year old Samay’s heart; he moves heaven and earth in pursuit of his 35mm dreams, unaware of the heart-breaking times that await him. The jury stated: “The story explains about the history of cinema, from the very beginning all the way till the digital film. Filled with both harshness and hope, LAST FILM SHOW is at the same time interesting, moving, funny, suspensive, and full of imagination. This film allows us to discover other regions of the world with their own customs, cuisine and lifestyle. We wish all children could see it!

The ECFA Jury were Gaëlle Saillenfest (Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne, France), Rosa Ferro (Il Nuovo Fantarca, Italy) and Matthaios Frantzeskakis (Chania Int’l Film Festival, Greece).


Among the other awarded films in Cinema in Sneakers were titles such as COMEDY QUEEN (Sanna Lenken, Swenden), TOO OLD FOR FAIRY TALES (Kristoffer Rus, Poland) and KABAM! (Elisabeth Hesemans, the Netherlands).