Kinodvor Conference: programme online

On 11 & 12th April 2018 Kinodvor and the Slovenian Cinematheque organise the 2nd Conference on Methods & Impact of Film Education in Ljubljana. Among the speakers ECFA is well-represented by its members (The Cake Robbers, Seventh Continent…). Check the programme for more intriguing themes like ‘Experimental Cinema in Film Education’ (Alejandro Bachmann) or ‘Film Education as a Way to Encourage Political Participation’ (Barbara Bedenik).

Kinodvor: “Film education opens opportunities for a different way of teaching. We will present examples of good practices in conducting film education in other countries and focus on the ones that involve the cooperation between teachers and filmmakers. We will learn about the various ways of leading workshops and conducting film discussions. The conference is aimed at experts and professionals working at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

Contact us for applications or extra information.