KinderDocs is all about meeting and exploring

The Int’l Documentary Festival for Children & Young Audiences (16-22 October) in the Benaki Museum in Athens (supported by the Goethe Institut) has a lot to offer: a weekend with back-to-back screenings of 17 award winning documentaries, a VR project and talks with filmmakers, producers, historians, psychologists, start-uppers and other experts from Greece and abroad.


18 guests will provide fascinating post-screening experiences, offer new perspectives, spark ideas, and give rise to outside-the-box activities. A programme designed specifically for schools combines screenings with educational activities and discussions, in which school children interact with the KinderDocs experience as part of an educational day trip.

A special screening in the ‘Tribute to Germany’ programme features two doc shorts to premiere in Greece, focusing on young people in search of their place in the world and on the topical term ‘identity politics.’ Four filmmakers, Karoline Roessler, Eva Louisa Gemmer, Hannah Jandl, and Lea Tama Springer will be present for a discussion with the audience.


In the Industry Panel ‘Documentaries for children & young people: International approaches and perspectives’, guests will offer their insights on a multifaceted topic. Professionals and students will have the opportunity to meet with Marije Veenstra (IDFA); Gudrun Sommer (DOXS RUHR); Niki Padidar (Creative Director IDFA Youth); Susanne Kim (director of the documentary & VR hybrid project CABINETS OF WONDER); Martijn Blekendaal (director, opinion maker); and Sofia Exarchou (director).


KinderDocs closely works with academic institutions and students to provide a platform for exploring and documenting new, interdisciplinary perspectives. This year’s KinderDocs Festival is an innovative hub of learning and interaction – a workshop in itself.