I AM WILLIAM triumphs at two ECFA festivals

Both at the Oulu Int. Children’s Film Festival (Finland) and the AleKino Festival (Poznan, Poland) the ECFA Award went to the Danish film I AM WILLIAM by Jonas Elmer.



William moves in with his uncle, a small-time crook. Whenever he ends up in a scrape William is the one who has to help him out. And if that isn’t enough some bullies are trying to extort money from him using threats of violence. Luckily his new friend Viola comes to the rescue. After the earlier ECFA Award at BUFF in Malmö, I AM WILLIAM has collected three nominations in one year, for the first time in ECFA Awards history!


The Oulu ECFA Jury were Julia Fleissig (LUCAS Int. Festival, Germany), Ulla Kaislaranta (Oulu Art School, Finland) and German director Tobias Wiemann (MOUNTAIN MIRACLE).

The AleKino ECFA Jury were Floor van Spaendonck (Cinekid, the Netherlands), Julia Fleissig (LUCAS Int. Festival, Germany) and Monika Pindziak (IKS Foundation & Kinolub, Poland).