Humour in Children’s Film

We search for all kinds of qualities in children’s films: representation, messages and morality, cinematographic standards… but what about plain humour? A quality so much underestimated that André F. Nebe felt the urge to publish a book about it. (Photo: SCRAPPER)




In 2019 André F. Nebe (director of the children’s film DAS GROSSE RENNEN and author of several young audience TV series) wrote his monograph Humor und erfolgreiche Kinderfilme that now has been translated into English. André F. Nebe uses his humour structure analysis in HUMOUR IN SUCCESSFUL CHILDREN’S FILMS (published by Springer) to determine the preferences of viewers and to orient their taste within the audio-visual landscape. Complex, layered humour is linked to successful titles, which contrasts with simpler forms of humour (for those who want to familiarise themselves with the academic level: hypotactic versus paratactic).


This book is not only aimed at those who want to analyse the phenomenon of humour in an academic manner, but also at aspiring writers and dramaturges who want to find out how humour can truly contribute to the different phases of story development.