HANNEKE & FIET wins at CINEKID Co-Production Market

During CINEKID for Professionals, the international Industry programme for youth media in Amsterdam, the prestigious Filmmore Post-Production Award for Best Live Action Project in Development went to HANNEKE & FIET. Once again, the Dutch successful duo consisting of screenwriter Tamara Bos and director Mischa Kamp (WINKY’S HORSE, ROMY’S SALON) has a story in hand that will move and excite audiences around the world.



During WWII, Jewish girl Hanneke goes into hiding with a family in Amsterdam. The young Fiet is rather sceptical when meeting her new roommate, but Hanneke adapts to the situation quickly and finds many things with her new family that she missed in her earlier life. Like a deep, once-in-a-lifetime friendship, that will continue for years after peace has returned.

This intimate war film about two girls finding comfort with each other in a brutal world is based on a book and a theatre play, but above all on a true story. Thanks to the Filmmore Award, the project is granted €5,000 to be spent on post-production. HANNEKE & FIET is produced by NL Film & TV.


Co-Production Market

The Junior Co-Productions Market, part of CINEKID for Professionals, brings financiers, producers and broadcasters in contact with new film and TV projects for children. The 2023 edition was a great success, according to Sara Juričić (Head of CINEKID for Professionals): “The projects in the Junior Co-Production Market are more than just movies; they are the voices of a new generation ready to make a difference through the power of film. They are penned with unwavering resolve and presented with the boundless ingenuity of young visionaries.



Other awarded titles in the market were NICO FINDS A TREASURE by Konstantinos Frangopoulos (Greece – Eurimages Co-production Development Award; €20,000) and BIG BANG PARADE, an animated project by multiple directors for producer Lunanime (PUBLIKUM Audience Awareness Award, offering a tailor-made audience research process worth €9,000).