Generation Z: cinema hubs in challenging districts

Generation Z introduces youngsters with an interest in the moving image to cinema as a means of discovering new talents. Stichting Oxville in Amsterdam, Kinograph in Brussels and La Friche/Cinéma Le Gyptis in Marseille join forces to create local cinema hubs in challenging districts with poor or non-existing cinema infrastructure. 




The aim of the project is to bring a new cinematic and cultural range to the cinemas, providing dynamic, collective experiences for young European audiences – Generation Z. This might allow groups of European youngsters to position themselves as more than just spectators; they are now programmers and potential makers.

Aydin Dehzad (Oxville, Amsterdam): “In our cinema we organise plenty of children & youth film screenings for our local community with its very diverse cultural background. But our long-cherished dream to launch an educational trajectory for these children might now also come true. By launching activities that stimulate the commitment of young audiences and the exchange of knowledge between members of Generation Z and the project partners, we will create a better understanding of how cinema can be used as a platform for creating cultural and social synergy.


The trajectory is aimed at poor districts where the cultural landscape is rather sparse, and is divided in three age categories, each designated to one of the partner organisations. In Amsterdam, 8-12 year olds from the New West district discover the cinematic landscape and learn about the possibilities that the silver screen has to offer. Generation Z encourages them to discover talents, starting from their own interests, and from there formulate new ambitions and challenges. Meanwhile, youngsters in Marseille (12-18 years old) participate in workshops to rediscover the magic of the big screen and in Brussels students (18+) programme a special section for Kinograph.

All newly gained information and expertise is made available through an online platform, “as our focus is to promote cooperation and exchange within Europe with other cinemas targeting a similar audience”, says Aydin Dehzad.