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Sound, The

Original title: Sound, The
UK, 2018, 15 min.

Director: Antony Petrou
Production company:
11 Little Films
18 Greek Street W1D 4JD
Phone: +44 0207 7592160

Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Film genre: Feature film

In the countryside, life runs quietly for Beth and her family. But when one day her mother hears a mysterious sound coming from the woods, nothing will ever be the same again…

Marketing strategies:
sales / distribution:

Penny Lane Film
Wohllebengasse 18/6
1040 Vienna, Austria
Angelo D’Agostino

DC Shorts 2019
Tout Court! 2019
Fastnet Short Film Festival 2019
Taos Shortz 2019
Larissa Film Festival 2019
Ale Kino! 2018
Villeurbanne 2018
Razor Reel Film Festival 2018
International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (awarded)
Lund Fantastisk 2018
Short Film Festival in Drama 2018 (awarded)
FicBueu 2018
Lucas Film Festival 2018
Pacific Meridian Film Festival 2018
Batroun Mediterranean Film Festival 2018
Palic Film Festival 2018
Ördögkatlan Film Festival 2018
Manlleu 2018
Fantaspoa 2018 (awarded)
Zsigmond Film Fest 2018 (Award for Best Cinematography)
Imagine Film Festival 2018
Omaha Film Festival 2018
Signes de Nuit 2018 (awarded)
Minimalen Film Festival 2018
Holly Shorts 2018

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