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Original title: Sabaku
German title: Sabaku
Netherlands, 2016, 3 min., no dialogue

Director: Marlies van der Wel
Production company:
Amsterdam, Niederlande
+31 20 6391402

Age recommendation: 5 years and up
Film genre: Animation

Sabaku and his buffalo buddy don’t need big words to understand one another. Alas when his good-natured companion keels over in the savannah sun one day, Sabaku must find a new friend – after all, who wants to travel through this world all alone? In a simple yet poetic way, as in ZEEZUCHT (Generation 2016), Marlies van der Wel tells the colourful tale of an unusual bird in search of a friend that might be able to understand him for real. (Catalogue Generation)

world sales
SND Films
Amsterdam, Niederlande
+31 20 4040707

Cinekid 2016
Berlinale Generation 2017 (laudable mention)
Mo&Friese 2017


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