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Original title: Si-G
Belgium, 2017, 15 min.

Director: Frederike Mignom
Production company:
Majority Flemish
Maarten Schmidt
Aalststraat 7-11
1000 Brussels

Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Si-G is a 13-year-old rapper. She dreams of fame but has never believed she could possibly make it, being a special needs student living in a small apartment with her father and sister in the Molenbeek neighbourhood of Brussels. When Brussels-based rapper Omar G decides to make a track with her, her dream comes closer.?

Marketing strategies:
World Sales
Mensjesrechten, EO-IKON, The Netherlands

KUKI Short Film Festival 2018
Portland Film Festival 2018
Film i Skoven Aarhus 2018
BUFF International Film Festival 2018
Film Fest Gent 2017
International Short Film Festival Leuven 2017
Cinekid Amsterdam 2017


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