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Chosen ones, The

Original title: De utvalgte
Norway, 2017, 28 min.

Director: Faridah Shakoor Nabaggala
Production company:
Abloom Studios
Postboks 9098
0133 Oslo

+47 463 41 945
Youngstorget 2B
0182 Oslo

Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

One story - different voices. How is it to live in a world without sound? In this film we meet young people from different backgrounds, who have much to share. These voices are just like yours and mine. They have hope, dreams and ambitions for a bigger and better future. We hear voices that have not been given that opportunity before. This is "The Chosen People".

In "De utvalgte" we meet several young, deaf persons. Hege is a Norwegian girl that likes to draw. Berna is from a turkish family. Lubna is from a Pakistani family, she studies to become a teacher. Jørgen was adopted by a Norwegian family, and had the privilege of getting an implant that makes him able to hear. He still uses sign language. Sivan, from an Iranian family, studies to become a fashion designer. The last person in the movie is Adel. He is from a Pakistani family, and had a though upbringing.

Marketing strategies:
Faridah Shakoor Nabaggala is the founder of the organization "Abloom". Every year they arrange an award winning Film Festival. Her goal is to break down taboos around disabled kids and teens.