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Original title: Chinti
German title: Chinti
Russia, 2012, 8:12 min., no dialogue

Director: Natalia Mirzoyan
Production company:
Animation Studio Petersburg
St. Petersburg
+7 812 6356801

Co-producers: Ilya Popow
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Film genre: Animation

A determined little Indian ant discovers the picture of a splendid-looking building amongst the rubbish on the beach and can think of nothing else. She makes it her life’s work to build the Taj Mahal from all different kinds of detritus.

An animation film composed almost entirely of tea leaves – in various colours and textures

Hiroshima 2012 (awarded)
Suzdal 2012 (Russia) (awarded)
San Joaquin Children's Film Festival 2012 (U.S.A) 2012 (awarded)
Open Cinema, Russia 2012 (awarded)
Fantoche 2012 (audience award)
Animage Brazil 2012 (awarded)
Reanimania Armenia 2012 (awarded)
Cinefest 2012 Hungary (awarded)
Luchezarny Angel 2012 Russia, (awarded)
Moscow premiere 2012Russia. (audience award)
Window to the Europe 2012 Russia (awarded)
Berlinale Generation 2012
Anima-Mundi 2012
Cinanima 2012
Annecy 2012


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