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Cats & Dogs

Original title: Geschichte von Hund und Katze, Die
German title: Geschichte von Hund und Katze, Die
Switzerland, Germany, 2015, 6 min., no dialogue

Director: Jesús Pérez , Gerd Gockell
Production company:
Gerd Gockell Filmproduktion
Luzern, Schweiz
+41 77 4868616

anigraf Hannover
Flüggestr. 14
D-30161 Hannover
T +49-511-66 01 65

Co-producers: Swiss Television SRF
Age recommendation: 5 years and up
Film genre: Animation

A dog, a man, a woman, a cat. They all cross paths on the white pages of a book, a timid first encounter that suddenly turns into an argument and then a fight. The man with the pen steps in to keep the peace, elaborating and erasing, but alas, not even he has the situation under control. Better to turn back a few pages in that case. When it comes down to it, everybody has to stick together, if all involved are to remain safe and sound in the end.

Marketing strategies:
World sale

Ilsensteinweg 35
14129 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)163 8010753

TIFF Kids International Children´s Film Festival 2016
Berlinale, Generation 2016
Fantoche International Animation Festival 2015
Ottawa International Animation Festival 2015