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SehPferdchen - Kinderfilmfest Hannover

Hannover & Burgdorf & Wunstorf, Germany
26/06/2022 - 06/07/2022 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Rhythm: bi-annual, next Festival afterwards (probably): 2024

Non-Competitive Original Children's Film Festival
Director/s: Holte, Andreas
Programs: Features, Shorts, Animations
Number of films (app.): 15
Age of audience: 6-18
Number of spectators (app.): 5.000
Festival's guests: Directors, Actors
Festival's recognition: national
Media coverage: regional
Special Events: Filmschool, children's press, exhibitions etc. After Hannover the festival will move to other cities in the region as well.

Medienpädagogisches Zentrum
Eleonorenstr. 18
D-30449 Hannover

Phone: ++49-511-627842
Fax: ++49-511-667792
Internet: www.filmfest-sehpferdchen.de