EFA Young Audience Award & Summit

The European Film Academy and EFA Productions proudly announce the three nominees for the EFA Young Audience Award 2021, and invite you to the EFA Young Audience Summit on 17 April.




The EFA Young Audience Award invites 12-14 year olds across Europe to join the international jury, watch three nominated films and vote for the winner of the Young Audience Award 2021. The nominated films are:

PINOCCHIO (Matteo Garrone, Italy/France)

THE CROSSING (Johanne Helgeland, Norway)

WOLFWALKERS (Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart, Ireland/Luxembourg) (thumb picture).



With EFA Board Member Graziella Bildesheim (producer, Italy), and experts Levan Dvali (Taoba Int’l Youth Film Festival, Georgia), Nicola Jones (Goldener Spatz, Germany), Dimitris Spyrou (Olympia Children’s Film Festival, Greece) and Annelot Tijs (Eye Film Institute, the Netherlands), ECFA was well represented in the international pre-selecting committee. A young jury then decided the final nominations.



Now it is up to the young audience in 38 countries across Europe and beyond to act as a jury and vote for the winner who will be announced in an award ceremony on 25 April, streamed live.

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Prior to the award event, EFA invites you at the Young Audience Summit on 17 April. Created with and co-hosted by a group of former YAA participants, the summit brings together young cinephiles to explore what film means to them and to discuss plans to develop a European Film Club. 12-16 year olds with an interest or engagement in film can now apply for a seat on the panel. Like former YAA participant Raluca Nemeti (15, Cluj-Napoca, Romania), stating that “I like the fact that I can express myself a lot better through film and also the fact that it allows me to escape the ordinary world. It’s a great way of expressing my creativity.

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The EFA Young Audience Award is organised and presented by the European Film Academy and EFA Productions with the support of Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM).