ECFA member brings KinderDocs to Greece

Dimitra Kouzi: “Inspired by both IDFA and doxs!, I realised that a documentary programme for young audiences (aged 9–18) was sorely needed in Greece. That’s why I launched KinderDocs in 2016.


Dimitra Kouzi has been working with documentaries since 2007, producing them (for ERT, ARTE, ZDF) or acquiring them as commissioner for the Greek national broadcaster, ERT. Kouzi developed a network of event-based screenings in Greece and co-founded Moving Docs, combining event cinema with innovative online distribution in different European states. In 2015, Kouzi Productions was established, developing international collaborations, and providing consultancy, training, and audience development. Kouzi Productions collaborates with international documentary festivals (IDFA, Prix Europa, Vision du Reel) and educational organisations (Balkan Documentary Centre) around Europe, but working with local stories in a global world has always been its focus.


KinderDocs is an international young audience documentary festival, in cooperation with two Greek contemporary art museums, Benaki Museum (Athens) and MOMus – Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki). Being hosted in these venues enables KinderDocs to interact with other arts. In November 2019 KinderDocs will travel again to the Festival dei Popoli in Florence, Italy.


Now in its fourth edition (October 2019 – April 2020), KinderDocs has become a platform for public dialogue and social change, using creative documentary films to foster dialogue, creativity and engagement in a country where such opportunities are limited. To date, 25,000 viewers from 260 schools in Athens, Thessaloniki, and around the country have participated in KinderDocs programmes. Dimitra Kouzi: “For me, joining ECFA was an obvious choice and an opportunity to join this great European family that shares common goals and visions for children’s content.

Dimitra Kouzi herself produces and directs documentaries: “GOOD MORNING MR FOTIS is my first feature. Completed in August 2019 (see ECFA Journal), the film is now awaiting its international premiere.