ECFA Jury at BUFF selects I AM WILLIAM

I AM WILLIAM is the winner of the ECFA Award 2018 at the BUFF Festival in Malmö. In this Danish film by Jonas Elmer, William moves in with his uncle, a small-time crook. Whenever he ends up in a scrape William is the one who has to help him out. And if that isn’t enough some bullies are trying to extort money from him using threats of violence. Luckily his new friend Viola comes to the rescue.

The ECFA Jury particularly appreciated “this entertaining, unsentimental and at times very funny tale of a character starting out not at all tough or brave and overcoming his insecurities and feelings of isolation to find his place in the world. With an engaging narrative, some terrific visual flashes and an outstanding central performance by Alexander Magnusson.”

The ECFA Jury were Mike Tait (Discovery Film Festival, Dundee), Mitsuo Tahira (Kineko Int. Children’s Film Festival, Tokyo) and Astrid Aure (TIFF Junior, Tromsö).