ECFA Doc Award at doxs! for THE SHELTER

In 2016 the ECFA Doc Award premiered at doxs! (Duisburg, Germany). Meanwhile two other festivals have listed to host an ECFA Doc Jury, but at doxs! recently the second award edition was celebrated. With a Norwegian animated documentary as triumphant: THE SHELTER by Robin Jensen.

Five children tell about their experiences with domestic violence and their time in a shelter home, where they and their mothers found protection and support. “The film tells a well-balanced and honest story that does not hide away from the sad truth yet offers a positive outlook,” the ECFA Jury stated. “THE SHELTER empowers those who encounter similar difficult circumstances and might not be able to share them. The simple yet beautiful mix of aesthetic and narrative features stays close to the children and has universal relevance. We love the original and symbolic way of storytelling, the fluid rhythm and the strong authentic details in image and sound that create tangible emotions for the audience.” (You’ll find an interview with Robin Jensen in the upcoming ECFA Journal.)

Marc-André Schmachtel, Remke Oosterhuis, director Robin Jensen & Elise Van Beurden
The three-member jury consisted of Elise Van Beurden (JEF), Remke Oosterhuis (De Taartrovers) and Marc-André Schmachtel (Goethe Institut) and made their choice among nine nominated films for a 6-12 age group. In addition to the ECFA Doc Award, doxs! handed out the Grosse Klappe prize, honouring political children & youth documentaries, that went to JOE BOOTS, a short German documentary by Florian Baron.
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