The main theme of ECFA’s Stockholm Conference (20 September) leaves organiser Per Eriksson with a broad spectrum of options: how to screen and discuss film for and with children in order to expand their cinematic experiences and have them engaged with film history and media literacy? Programme details about speakers and slots will be updated on ECFA’s website during the summer.

Participants may join in different formats of lectures, tackling topics like ‘Sex, violence and politics – The child and difficult subject matter’, ’How to make art house cinemas attract a young audience?’ and ’The truth and the camera’. On stage you’ll meet in discussions with representatives from renowned ECFA members such as Fantastic Children’s Film Festival – De Taartrovers, The Netherlands; Koulukino, Finland; and Cineteca di Bologna, Italy as with international experts from institutes such as Glasgow University, Scotland; and the Finnish Youth Research Society. Check ECFA’s website for regular updates.

Save the date, fill in the form, book the trip! ECFA is looking forward to meet you in Stockholm!