ECFA Award Ale Kino! for ROMY’S SALON

Now that the year is coming to its end, it’s about time to capitalise on the opportunities for a final ECFA Award selection. At the Ale Kino! Festival in Poznan, Poland, ROMY’S SALON by Mischa Kamp collected another nomination – this was the film’s second nomination on Polish ground, following the Warsaw Kids Kino Festival.

The Dutch film about a young girl, stepping up for her grandma when she is showing the first signs of dementia, charmed the ECFA jury for several reasons: “Simple and subtle but clear characters all had their part to play. The film, that doesn’t underestimate its young audience, might open up an inter-generational dialogue. It spreads the most important message you could think of: take care for those around you. And last but not least… we liked all-things-hairy! Not only the fluffy cat but also the intimacy of touching one’s hair, used as a meaningful metaphor throughout the movie.”


The ECFA Jury consisted of Marta Nieto Postigo (Drac Magic, Spain), Mike Tait (Discovery Int. Film Festival, Scotland ) and Iris Verhoeven (JEF, Belgium).


Read the interview with ROMY SALON’s director Mischa Kamp and author Tamara Bos.