Drac Magic Seminar: Do images dream with archives?

On the occasion of their 50th anniversary, the Drac Màgic cooperative organises a seminar about visual culture and education (17-19 December, Barcelona). The title of the event carries a poetic question: Do Images Dream With Archives?


The seminar aims to talk about the cinematographic legacy and the status of the audio-visual tradition in the current context of omnipresent screens. The intention is to guide the future trajectories of the educational community with a focus on the impact of the archives.


Planned activities include:

* Round table about the educational challenges of film archives and how to address them from film libraries. With Esteve Riambau (Filmoteca Catalunya), Josetxo Cerdán (Filmoteca Española), and Elisa Giovannelli (Schermi & Lavagne – the Bologna Film Library).

* Live audio-visual remix: An audio-visual collage performance using the Mashup Table that allows you to project live images and sound snippets, performed by the Dostopos Collective.

* Round table “Between archives and classrooms: the visual legacy of education” about how to relate visual archives to educational practice.

* Round table “The contemporaneity of archives: present & future of visual memories” about how the archives can nurture educational action.

* Round table “The ubiquity of screens: from ubiquity to oblivion” about what relationship should be established with the “infinite” archive of social media, and the challenges of hyper-presence of images and screens.

* Round table “Shuffle files: creative readings” on how to enhance the creative re-appropriation of archives in audio-visual creation.

* Screening of the film LETTRE D’UN CINEASTE A SA FILLE by Eric Pauwels, Belgium. A girl asks her father – who is a filmmaker – why he doesn’t make films for her. The challenge is thrown – challenges are like games and playing builds stories. The filmmaker father accepts the challenge and ends up combining stories that talk about the world and his worldview, which is the greatest gift he can offer his daughter, especially when the stories fly free and you don’t know where they might end.