Ciné Junior festival celebrates postponed edition… Now!

The Ciné Junior festival in the French Val-de-Marne region, initially planned for January 2021, is taking place during the entire month of June and presents an interesting programme around a strong topical theme.


Ciné Junior, currently celebrates its 31st edition in over 50 different partner locations (cinemas, media libraries, cultural centres, museums) with a special ‘environmental’ theme in focus. “This vast theme involves everything around us: our living conditions, our activities, and our coexistence with nature. We will be exploring our environment in all its richness, through the great cinema classics. From the tops of the highest mountains to the gardens of the smallest country homes, from ancestral caves to architectural wonders, we will be looking at humans in their environment through films such as ON THE TOWN (Stanley Donen), ZAZIE DANS LE METRO (Louis Malle), THE JUNGLE BOOK (Wolfgang Reitherman), THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES (Frédéric Back) or MINUSCULE 2 (Thomas Szabo & Hélène Giraud).”


Several sessions also addressed the professional audience, like a training day on 28 June, shedding light on the links between children’s literature and its adaptation on the big screen, based on two recent examples: the adaptation of the book LA BALEINE ET L’ESCARGOTE by Julia Donaldson and THE APE STAR by Linda Hamback. “What we want to find out is: Which children’s film adapted from a literary work has struck you the most? And why?


More info on the festival website