Ciné Junior compiles short film programmes

Au pays de l’aurore boréale

In 2020 the Ciné Junior Festival (22nd January – 4th February) celebrates its 30th anniversary in more than 55 locations in France. Extra attention is given to film professionals in a programme on 28th January (Vincennes) and 30th & 31st January (Arcueil).


Au premier dimanche d’août

The Ciné Junior festival has a special interest in movies that could create an artistic awakening for young film fans. Liviana Lunetto (Ciné Junior): “In 1991 the first edition of Ciné Junior included 10 theatres and 18 films. The market situation was totally different back then: the young audience was not yet a ‘market’ and a festival was a rare occasion to reflect about programming and expertise. Now, 30 years later, Ciné Junior includes 50 locations and compiles 100 titles in 450 screenings. Although specialised distributors of young audience films have entered the market, the visibility of these titles and their meeting with the public remains an essential issue for local cinemas.

That is why – following its pioneer mission – Ciné Junior today not only presents features films in preview (like EMU RUNNER – see photo) but also supports the distribution of feature and short films. After the festival, two short film programmes are made available that start touring for 10 months. Last year’s programmes, accessible for a 3+ audience, were presenting ‘far away planets’ and ‘weird creatures’. This year Ciné Junior will come up with new exciting themes.



The complete festival programme can be found here.

If you’re interested in the Ciné Junior compilations or you want to find out more about the organising Cinema Public association, contact Liviana Lunetto on