Children’s Films can mean comfort, relief, and hope

Escalating conflict in Ukraine poses an immediate and growing threat to the lives and well-being of the country’s 7.5 million children. Humanitarian needs are multiplying – and spreading by the hour. Children have been killed. Children have been wounded. They are being profoundly traumatized by the violence all around them. Hundreds of thousands of people are on the move, and family members are becoming separated from their loved ones.

ECFA as an ambassador of children’s needs is dismayed and shocked by what is happening in Ukraine. We condemn the fact that the Russian government considers war to be a legitimate means to enforce its interests against Ukraine, a sovereign country.  War was and is never a legitimate means – there are only losers. Especially the children.
ECFA is committed to quality children’s films. In these times they can mean comfort, relief, and hope. We ask our members and other organisations to offer film screenings to refugees from Ukraine.

New Horizons Association in Poland is right now preparing a VOD platform with films for kids with Ukrainian voice over.
Get in touch with them – be supportive – follow their example.