CAUGHT IN THE NET recommended by Juniorfest

CAUGHT IN THE NET is a controversial project about sexual predators on the Internet, that shook the public debate in the Czech Republic. According to the Czech Juniorfest festival, this is a must see for the young generation.




On the Juniorfest programme was an exclusive presentation of the feature film project CAUGHT IN THE NET by Vít Klusák, that has broken the taboo of child abuse on the Internet. This documentary follows three adult women pretending to be 12-year-old girls, operating from children’s rooms re-created in a studio. That’s where the communication with the predators takes place. A radical psychosocial experiment, rooted in reality and backed by months of intensive research.


Juniorfest’s Programme Director Barbora Kyas: “Isn’t it better for children to watch this unpleasant reality than to experience it for real? Statistics show that the problem is growing bigger every day. Unfortunately the public awareness is still low. This project tries to change this mind-set.


More information about the project: Executive Producer Pavla Klimešová,