ECFA-Journal 4/2016

ecfajournal2016_4The first edition of LUCAS (Frankfurt) under director Cathy de Haan did justice to the festival’s new profile: more attention to the art of cinema in general (instead of national premieres) and to media education in particular. Continue reading “ECFA-Journal 4/2016”

ECFA-Journal 3/2016

ECFAjournal2016_3Unfortunately ECFA’s application for a 2nd ‘Children’s Film First’ project within the framework of Creative Europe was not granted by the commission. We are disappointed about the rejection, as ECFA believes that this follow up project could have benefited the entire film literacy community in Europe. Continue reading “ECFA-Journal 3/2016”

ECFA-Journal 2/2016

ECFAjournal2016_2The world is full of scaredy-cats. Me too, I found Generation’s opening  film SIV SLEEPS ASTRAY quite frightening for the young target audience. Swedish directors Lena Hanno and Catti  Edfeldt  proved  me  wrong  (see  interview page 10). Continue reading “ECFA-Journal 2/2016”