Beshkempir has made a film

One remarkable guest of the Schlingel Festival this year was Mirlan Abdykalykov. 20 years ago he starred in the film BESHKEMPIR (THE ADOPTED SON), now he is back as the director of RUNNING TO THE SKY, and looking for partners for his next project.


Running to the sky

In BESHKEMPIR a young boy grows up without knowing he is adopted. When he finds out, he feels lost, as all his friends suddenly become his biggest rivals. This touching Kyrgyzstani young audience film successfully toured the European festivals and cinemas in 1999. Main actor Mirlan Abdykalykov was the son of director Aktan Abdykalykov, and is now following in his father’s directorial footsteps. In his film RUNNING TO THE SKY he tells about another lonesome boy growing up in rural Kyrgyzstan, living with his alcoholic father. When Jekshen’s gym teacher discovers his natural talent for running, she enters him in a school competition. Soon the boy starts looking for other chances to keep racing.



Mirlan Abdykalykov is ambitious to make more young audience films. “But for this type of cinema telling personal stories, based upon my individual ideas, there are so many challenges.” That’s why for his new project KIDNAPPED BRIDE he is still looking for international co-producers.


Despite the fact that bride kidnapping is a criminal offense according to Kyrgyz laws, the statistics of women abducted with the goal of marriage are growing every year. Umsunai, 17 years old, energetic and ambitious might turn out to become one of them. Against her will, she is forced to marry a 27-year-old man she has never seen before.


For this project Mirlan Abdykalykov and the Oy Art Production company are looking for international partnerships. You can contact them on

You’ll find an interview with Mirlan Abdykalykov in the next ECFA Journal.