Belgian news anchors dub LOUIS & LUCA

More than just a funny story, there’s also a critical approach towards ‘the ways of the media’ to be found in LOUIS & LUCA – MISSION TO THE MOON. Competing reporters on the prowl for a scoop, the arrogance of the media in the light of greater events… It’s all there.

That’s why Belgian distributor JEF asked two of the most famous Flemish news anchors (working for competing TV stations) to dub the roles of the reporters, with great results!


JEF Promotion manager Alice Goezu: “Although they are both presenting prime time TV news almost every day, still Martin Tanghe and Freek Braeckman were pretty nervous about dubbing an animated character. But they enjoyed it tremendously. Besides the fact that they did a great job in dubbing, for a Flemish audience the presence of these two news celebrities adds a substantial element to the story of LOUIS & LUCA.