Television, Cinema, Video & On-Demand Audiovisual Services: The Pan-European Picture

This 5th edition of key trends is a selection of over 30 topics which, to the team of the European Audiovisual Observatory, appear to indicate the most significant trends affecting the European audiovisual market. The publication provides the usual mix of analysis and key data, extracted from the Observatory’s activities in 2019 involving reports and databases.

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Let’s go to the Opera!

The selected example comes from an artistic form, which seems pretty far from everyday interest of a young audience and difficult to comprehend – the world of opera.
The structure of tailor-made formats for different target groups including innovative and inclusive didactic methodology, strong community support but also national coverage, inclusion of audience in participative opera and the work of musical preparation – all these elements makes the work of AsLiCo team from Como one of the most inspiring examples of audience development work!

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Audience Development

Although there are a number of tools and guides on how to build an audience development plan, this Guide represents the most comprehensive set of tips. Based on field examples, it takes into account the fact that each cultural organization can find its own path of including the audience at the heart of their activity and its own balance between audience and artistic objectives. Proposed steps in necessary organizational changes that embrace the audience within the organization’s mission, are clearly described, feasible and represent a game changing element for those organizations who are open to this shift.  

Study on Audience Development: How to place audiences at the centre of cultural organisations

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Perspectives: A dialogue upon the question of value in film education

Speaking from two different perspectives, Alan Bernstein and Andrew Burn explore in “Perspectives: A dialogue upon the question of value in film education” published in Film Education Journal 2019 the role of value in film education, and film culture more widely. Their dialogue shows some common starting points but then different views (the first more related to practice, the second recognising the importance of theory). It may serve as inspiration both for film educators and other film professionals and practitioners as well, called upon to reflect on what constitutes the value of the films they make or propose.

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Reaching Young Audiences

The research project Reaching Young Audiences: Serial Fiction and Cross-Media Storyworlds for Children and Young Audiences (RYA) combines production and audience analysis when studying the current production and reception of film, TV and online fiction for children and young audiences. The project is based at the University of Copenhagen (with Associate Professor Eva Novrup Redvall as Project Leader) and runs from 2019–2024 (supported by Independent Research Fund Denmark).

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