ANTIGONE rules at LuxFilmFest

LuxFilmFest is delighted to announce that audiences have returned to cinemas for this year’s hybrid edition (featuring online and in person cinema screenings). The festival presented an exquisite children & youth section, in which the Canadian feature ANTIGONE excelled with two awards.


The young audience programme with shorts, features, workshops and a ‘youthful weekend’ is part of the big Luxembourg City Film event and lined up some remarkable award winners.

Awards Night © Lynn Theisen

* Kinepolis Youth Jury Award: ANTIGONE by Sophie Deraspe (Canada): “One film really pulled our heartstrings with its timeless tragedy, awe-inspiring authenticity and colourful composition. We were moved to tears by the complex topics, the most appropriate choice of songs and the actors’ powerful performances. Thank you for this emotional experience!

* School Jury Award: ANTIGONE by Sophie Deraspe (Canada): “The music, the camera work, and the images brought up many emotions. The issues addressed by the film are very present in our society. The film is linked to Greek mythology as well as to current events…

* Kids Jury Award: ROCCA CHANGES THE WORLD by Katja Benrath (Germany): “We were delighted by Rocca and her little squirrel and their amusing way of solving problems. From the first scene in which Rocca lands a plane to her visit to her grandmother’s house, or the episode of her driving cars to helping bullied teenagers and homeless friends, the film never ceased to captivate us.


Also the adult LuxFilmFest gave attention to a title that is often categorised as a “children’s film”, as the Audience Award (and Special Mention from the Critics’ Jury) went to LOS LOBOS by Samuel Kishi Leopo (Mexico).