Why do people migrate from one country to another? What is life in refugee camps all about? What are the implications of being deaf? What does it mean to launch homophobic attacks at school? How does seeking asylum in another country impact on one’s identity? What is “identity” anyway, for each of us?

The project ‘A BEAUTIFUL DIFFERENCE – Overcoming all fears’ is based on the belief that knowing and appreciating differences allows for mutual enrichment and genuine human encounter. The project encompasses all sorts of stereotypes and fears, and addresses different forms of exclusion such as xenophobia, islamophobia, homophobia, gender discrimination and discrimination towards people with disabilities. Through 34 short films and an online study guide, A Beautiful Difference (UBD – standing for ‘Una Bella Differenza’) helps teachers to confront some of the most common stereotypes, in order to build a culture of inclusion.

This project is represented by former ECFA president Eva Schwarzwald.

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