Three films nominated for EFA Young Audience Award

Three films – two features and one documentary – have been selected by film experts and teenagers from around Europe in a two-step awarding procedure, and are now running for the Young Audience Award (YAA) 2022. What is unique about it? The winners will be chosen by young juries in more than 70 cities in 42 European countries watching the films online or in movie theatres.



As an official EFA category since 2021, the Young Audience Award honours European films for an audience aged 12-14.  The European Film Academy congratulates the three nominees for the YAA 2022:


– ANIMAL (by Cyril Dion; France)

– COMEDY QUEEN (by Sanna Lenken; Sweden – picture above)

– DREAMS ARE LIKE WILD TIGERS (by Lars Montag; Germany)

Find more details about the nominated films here.

EFA states: “The Award is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of important social issues. It empowers young film enthusiasts to be catalysts for positive change and supports a greater understanding of their European neighbours. Last but not least, it provides the experience of being an active member of the European community in a democratic voting process.”



The award ceremony will take place on 13 November 2022 in Erfurt, Germany, and will be streamed on the YAA website. On the same day the CICAE will organise the European Arthouse Cinema Day. Together, both events will kick-off the “Month of European Film”, celebrating European cinema.