3rd European KIDS Regio Forum

Later this week (27-28th June) more than 80 experts from all over Europe will meet in Weimar, Germany for the 3rd KIDS Regio Forum, a conference entitled “Connecting the Dots – Towards a vital European children’s film culture”.


This conference will offer lectures and discussions on academic studies, successful European children’s film initiatives as well as film funding.

Key topics of the conference will be:
– distribution and access to European children’s film beyond its national borders.
– marketing of children’s films.
– positive image building of children’s films as cultural assets with a high socio-cultural relevance.
Above all, the main goal is to achieve an even closer cooperation on a European level in order to raise awareness for children’s films in legislative processes, the allocation of film funds and film policy decision-making.

Among the announced speakers are:
– Kenyan director Likarion Wainaina (SUPA MODO), reflecting on the cultural and social potential of children’s films.
– Magdalena Dzbik (Creative Europe MEDIA) explaining about European support schemes for young audience content.
– Marina Andree Skop, Darija Kulenovic & Nicholas Sando, presenting the first Croatian/Norwegian co-production MY GRANDPA IS AN ALIEN.
– Margret Albers, President of ECFA, talking about strategic measures to develop and promote original stories.

The 3rd European KIDS Regio Forum is an initiative by KIDS Regio – within the framework of Cine-Regio, organised by The German Children’s Media Foundation Golden Sparrow, in cooperation with ECFA.
More info: Anika Schidda, Press & Public Relations, presse@kids-regio.org.