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Original title: Eldra
German title: Eldra
Great Britain, 2001

Director: Lyn, Tim
Production company: Teliesyn Production, Chapter Arts Centre

Eldra, a dreamer, belongs to a Romany family who live in Wales. Her classmate Robat is in love with her and during the summer he tries to befriend her, discovering her world of fantasies and legends a little at a time. However, impeding their relationship are the adults’ prejudices and Robat’s elder brother Trefor, a young, unhappy man who torments his brother because of his love for literature and for Eldra.

Director's comment:
“The film is not about anti-Romany prejudice, nor should it be a picturesque romantic expression of the Romany way of life. The subject and drama is - what happens when different worlds begin to meet, sometimes even clash and collide.” (Tim Lyn)

Giffoni 2003

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