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Year of Production 2023


English title: Dhakira
Original title: Dhakira
France, 2023, 5 min.

Director: Aïda-Marie Tadevosian, Amandine Van Hille, Cyprien Fermaut, Salma Gaoua
Production company:
Pôle 3D
Phone: +33 (0)3 28 38 93 80

Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Film genre: Animation

For a class assignment, Basma and her classmates have to draw memories from their vacations. She spent hers in Morocco, her country of origin. However, she feels hesitant to draw her memories because she is Muslim and has a different culture. So, instead she starts comparing herself to others. At that moment, Basma doesn't realize the power her culture has imbued her with.

Zlin 2024
ITFS 2024
Chenaplans - Festival Premiers Plans 2024
Festival International du Film d’Animation à Metz 2024

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