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Year of Production 2023

Song of Flying Leaves, The

English title: Song of Flying Leaves, The
Original title: Trchox terevneri erge
Armenia, 2023, 13 min.

Director: Armine Anda
Production company:
Hoshkee Film, Hoorakhsh Studios
No. 13, Vezvaie St, Malek St
Shariati St, District 7
Phone: (+98) 21 86028056

Age recommendation: 11 years and up
Film genre: Animation

A journey to a dream through an encounter between Suna, a twelve-year-old girl who uses leaves as a blanket, and an old man who possesses secret knowledge. A reflection on friendship between a father and a daughter, a teacher and a student, an adult and a child, and the path that can turn the impossible into possible…

Olympia FF 2023