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Winter Solstice

Original title: Solstizio d’inverno
Italy, 2018, 29 min.

Director: Alessandra Pescetta
Production company:
LGH / Kundalini Media
in association with
La Casa Dei Santi
Via Nazario Sauro 4
95047 Paterno’ (Catania)

Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Film genre: Feature film

Bahar, a young girl of Turkish origins works in a restaurant in a small Northern Italian town. Every day, unknown people leave garbage in the street and recurring pieces of a mysterious sculpture gradually emerge. As in a puzzle, Bahar will match them, giving life to an object that will also reveal the identity of those who abandon the trash…

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Penny Lane Film
Wohllebengasse 18/6
1040 Vienna, Austria
Angelo D’Agostino

Rome Independent Film Festival 2018