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Original title: Vent
German title: Wind
Netherlands, 2005, 5 min., no dialogue

Director: Erik van Schaaik
Production company:
Il Luster Producties
Hoogt 4
NL-3512 GW Utrecht
Tel.: 30-240 07 68
Fax: 30-240 07 68

Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Film genre: Animation

The film’s narrative revolves around a man battling against the wind. All of a sudden, he meets a little girl and it becomes clear that there is someone who is the wind’s master and commander.

A short and witty ‘natural history’ film created in close cooperation with composer and jazz pianist Martin Fondse.

Marketing strategies:
World sales
P.O. Box 222
NL-1200 JG Hilversum
Tel.: 35-672 42 68
Fax: 35-672 44 89

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2006
Mar del Plata Film Festival 2006
Annecy 2005 (awarded)
Berlinale, Generation 2005 (awarded)
Ecocinema Festival Greece 2005
Chicago International Children´s Film Festival 2005