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Italy , 2022, 12 min.

Director: Roberta Spagnuolo
Production company:
Lungta Film
via Francesco Ferrara 36
IT - 00191 Rom

Age recommendation: 9 years and up
Film genre: Feature film

The delicate lives of two children are inextricably bound by a thin and invisible thread. Everything revolves around the chance that one has given to the other.

Olympia International FF for Children and Young People 2022
Io non ti ConoscoFF 2022
Puglia on the road 2022
Bardolino FF 2022 (awarded)
Amicorti Int. FF 2022
Quarantine FF 2022
?Sulmona Int. FF 2022
Fabrianno FF 2022
Factory FF 2022 (awarded)