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Never an Absolution

Original title: Aldrig en absolution
Sweden, 2005, 18 min.

Director: Cameron B. Alyasin
Production company:
Röde Orm Film AB
Tappvägen 24
S-161 02 Bromma
Tel.: 8-55 52 48 50
Fax: 8-55 52 48 10

Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Film genre: Feature film

One day a police officer arrives at a school, investigating a murder. Dijo, 11, orphaned refugee from Congo, is identified as a witness. However, he is not just a witness. What the officer, the school and the whole system does not realize is that in this child, they are facing a former child soldier. A witness, and indeed a participant of tribal massacres and perhaps genocide. Ultimately, Dijo is a child imprisoned by his horrifying past, desperately yearning for an absolution. An absolution that has never come…

Marketing strategies:
world sale
Village s.r.I.
Strada delle Piane 9
I-00063 Campagnano di Roma
Tel.: 6-907 70 33
Fax: 6-907 70 36

Berlinale, Genration 2006 (awarded)
Brest European Short Film Festival 2006 (awarded)
Göteborg Film Festival 2005
Buster Children's Film Festival 2005
Odense International Film Festival 2005 (awarded)