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My new home is a Trailer

Original title: Nu borg jag pa en camping
Sweden, 2017, 30 min.

Director: Jasmijn Kooijman
Production company:
Jasmijn Kooijman

Age recommendation: 7 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Iris, Farah and Samaa are just three of the children at Mölletorp’s camping site. We see day-to-day life at a refugee centre through their eyes; cultural differences and similarities, friendship and play. They’ve all been through a lot before their arrival in Sweden, and we get a chance to listen to their stories and their thoughts about their journey to a new country, along with everything they’ve been forced to leave behind.

The girls living at Möllstorp had just arrived in Sweden when I met them the first time. I was moved and surprised by their power and positivity and I started to visit them several times a week. Soon we became like sisters. The view in the news on refugees at that time was so totally different from what I experienced with these girls. Since I wanted their voices to be heard I moved in to the asylum residence. Together with the girls I started to make a film about them.
(Jasmijn Kooijman)

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Jasmijn Kooijman

Buff 2018 (awarded)