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Great Worry, A

Poland, 2023, 26 min.

Director: Zbigniew Kotecki
Production company:
TV Studio Filmów Animowanych
Limited Liability Company
ul. Aleksandra Fredry 7
61-701 Poznan

Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Film genre: Animation

One clever and bumptious Sparrow meets in the savannah a lonely and sad Rhino who wants to fly like birds. The Sparrow, using his experience, urges the Rhino to learn to fly. The attempts end with a spectacular disaster, the biggest SPLASH! in the world after the Rhino falls to a lake, and the mud floods the savannah. The disappointed Rhino cries and sighs with regret, and ashamed and discouraged Sparrow abandons his new friend. The Rhino’s sobs mean that it is always raining, so other animals run away into the savannah.

Ale Kino 2023